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Experiencing Fuzzy, Freezing or Pixelating Pictures? No Signal Being Received?

If you have lost signal on your television, or are experiencing poor picture quality, pixelating or freezing tv channels, Kelly's Cabin can perform a TV Aerial or Satellite TV repair at your property, and get your tv channels working again.

One of our experienced engineers can attend your property and perform a diagnosis of your analogue or digital television viewing system. Once the fault has been found, we will endeavour to rectify your television viewing system to receive the optimum signal possible. Where possible, we offer a Same Day Service for all Aerial or Satellite TV Repairs!

Our fully equipped vehicles have all the tools and equipment needed to get your aerial or satellite system working again. Should you require additional equipment, such as a signal booster or an upgrade to your existing sytem to improve reception levels, all of which can be completed during the same visit.

Kelly's Cabin engineers are trained to repair your existing aerial or satellite system and get your digital reception to optimum viewing levels.



  • The checking of TV Aerial / Satellite Dish Alignment & Positioning
  • Checking of External and Internal Cabling For Signal Loss
  • Checking of All Connected Aerial / Satellite Points
  • Checking Of Home Distribution Network / Amplifiers
  • Checking/Tuning of Connected Components (such as TV, Sky, Freeview etc)
  • Kelly's Cabin offer a fast & efficient system diagnostics service

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Why use Kelly's Cabin?


  • All Kelly's Cabin Installers are trained and experienced
  • We employ local Installers, with knowledge of your area
  • Full Public Liability Insurances & Guarantees
  • Quality materials & tools to ensure the best installation possible
  • Reasonable pricing
  • SAME DAY SERVICE - Usually Within Hours of Your Telephone Call! 

Kelly's Cabin directly employ highly skilled aerial & satellite installers who are local to you. Because they are local, they are on hand to provide a broad range of digital television services usually within hours of your telephone call, and more importantly, have indepth knowledge of your area and signals being received for services such as Freeview, Freesat, Sky or a range of satellite systems.


With  coverage over West Yorkshire Kelly's Cabin can provide a same day service for any aerial repair or installation of your television viewing system.

If you are experiencing problems with your Sky, Freesat, Freeview, Digital Aerial Installation or Digital Satellite TV System, we can also provide the repair of your satellite dish and any faulty connections. One of our friendly engineers will perform a series of tests to find the fault within your satellite tv system, and repair this to ensure the signal being received is sufficient for your satellite system to be operable once more.

Kelly's Cabin are experts in their field, and can provide the repair and servicing of many systems, including:
Digital TV Aerial Repairs (Loss of signal, misalignment, faulty connections etc)

  • Freeview TV Systems Repair (pixelating blocky pictures, freezing images etc)
  • Sky, Freesat & Digital Satellite Repairs (loss of signal, misalignment, faulty connections etc)
  • Additional Television Point Repairs (not receiving signal in one room? We can find the fault!)
    Multiroom & Multipoint System Repairs (full system diagnosis and repair)

Using digital spectrum analyzers, an Kelly's Cabin installation and repair engineer can pinpoint the exact fault within your television aerial or satellite tv system, and immediately make the necessary adjustments or recommendations to get your television viewing operational.

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